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Boron-free Coolants


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Coolant DYOP-20 and Coolant DYOP-45 are the first products of a range of new technology products developed to meet the market demands likely to be found in Europe in 2015.

These products are free of formaldehyde and formaldehyde release biocides. Note there is sufficient evidence to classify formaldehyde as a category 2 mutagen and a known animal carcinogen.

They are free of MIT (methylisothiazolinone) and other Isothiazolinones. These additives are sensitising above certain levels and therefore can cause operator comfort issues. It seemed a good idea to avoid these additives.

They do contain fungicides and contain special bio-stable amines. These are important to give the product the stability and sump-life required.

They are also free of boric acid and it’s derivatives.

Coolant DYOP results.

These are results we obtained using in house laboratory circulation tests. The fluids were inoculated with spoilt emulsion 2 times per week and the bacteria levels assessed weekly.

The DYOP technology maintained the level of bacteria at or below 103 orgs/ml in this challenging test.

We have found good correlation between these circulation tests and results in the field.