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Boron-free Coolants


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We are at the fore-front of advanced neat cutting oils. Designing products to meet the highest demands of the market.

Synthetic ester based chemistry giving environmental and performance benefits see Biodegradable cutting fluids. These high performance products based on saturated ester technology give excellent thermal and oxidative stability coupled with excellent tool-life, low misting, superb surface finish.

Synthetic and ultra pure saturated hydrocarbon based lubricants give light colour, higher performance and better operator acceptability.

Grinding Fluid

We have designed advanced synthetic grinding fluids for hard metal grinding, these products have significant advantages over traditional lubricants, with high performance, high flash point and fire point to reduce fire risk when grinding.

Tapping Paste

SG-L is a new technology tapping paste with advanced water soluble solid lubricant technology. This lubricant is completely water soluble to aid removal and to avoid problems if it gets into the coolant. It is white in colour, chlorine and sulphur free, extreme performance, and non-hazardous.  

Get in touch to find out how we can enhance your process with out advanced technology neat cutting oils.

Broaching Fluid

High performance broaching oil based on a blend of chlorinated waxes, special base fluids and advanced lubricant additives. These products are low odour, light coloured, and highest performance.