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Boron-free Coolants


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Boron-free coolants for advanced coolants supplied in the UK, Europe and worldwide.


The market for water-mix metal working fluids in UK and Europe is demanding a set of requirements which is giving a significant challenge to the fluid technologist.

Boric acid - it is on the candidate list of substances of very high concern (SVHC). Although the derivatives found in metal working fluids (amine-borates and boramide) are free of boric acid, the presence of boric acid on the candidate list is enough to make many end users want boron-free water-mix cutting fluids.

Formaldehyde - this is now a known animal carcinogen and a mutagen. It is currently expected that a low workplace exposure limit will be set for formaldehyde which will effect the use of formaldehyde release biocides in metal working fluids. Even if the formaldehyde release biocide is formaldehyde-free as supplied the method of effect of these biocides is to release formaldehyde and therefore formaldehyde will be present in the working emulsion.

Other drivers which exist in the market:-

Bacterial control - In the UK the HSE recommend that the bacterial

population in a metal working fluid is controlled around 103orgs/ml

And if the level rises to 106orgs/ml immediate corrective action is taken.

(Bio-concept fluids are presently exempt from this management advice).

Sensitisers - The labelling of the concentrate of water-mix metal working fluids with R43 may cause sensitisation by skin contact is undesirable. Most customers do not want products with this type of labelling. It is considered acceptable for products to have a label which shows that the fluid contains a sensitizing component. The acceptability of sensitisers in fluids is based on the level used.

Biocides - Based on the desire to control bacteria populations to a low level for long periods in metal working fluids the options left to the formulator are limited, and the use of old fashioned biocides or complex blends of biocides are selected.

Bio-stable amines alone

Bio-stable amines in combination with other actives like phenoxyethanol, MIT/BIT at low levels, OPP, boric acid derivatives etc.

New products developed using a novel amine technology to enable us to supply boron-free and formaldehyde-free long life coolants which are very cost effective

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