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Boron-free Coolants


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Grinding Fluids

Our oil-free synthetic fluids are free of:- formaldehyde and formaldehyde release biocide, free of sensitising ingredients, and free of boron. They contain a bio-stable amine to give excellent bacterial control, and a fungicide to control yeasts and molds.

Borfree Grind 5 - High performance low foam oil-free grinding fluid with low foam, high corrosion protection and excellent bio-stability. Low odour water white pure high performance technology.

Borfree Cut XP - High performance low foam oil-free grinding and machining fluid. Excellent tool-life and surface finish, excellent bio-stability. This product contains advanced synthetic lubricant additives to give truly outstanding performance.

High Oil Cutting Fluids

These products have been designed to give class leading performance.

They are free of formaldehyde release biocides and sensitising components. They use bio-stable amine technology to control bacteria levels.

Borfree HFE250H - High performance cutting fluid, excellent bio-stability with >2 year sump-life experienced by our customers in difficult systems. This product is the option where it has been difficult to control bacteria with traditional fluids.

Borfree ZR-360 - High performance cutting fluid, also bactericide-free, designed to give superb corrosion protection in high chloride water, can inhibit corrosion with water of >350ppm chloride. This product is the one to choose if corrosion protection of both the machine tool and machined parts with difficult process water is required.

Semi-synthetic Cutting Fluids

These products are boron-free, formaldehyde-free and sensitising ingredient free. We have products for all applications.

Borfree S20 - High performance low foam 20% oil semi-synthetic cutting fluid for general purpose machining. Excellent cleanliness and corrosion protection for cast iron.

 Borfree S45 - High performance low foam 45% oil semi-synthetic cutting fluid for general purpose machining. Excellent tool-life and surface finish.

Borfree S-ALX - High performance aluminium cutting fluid, also suitable for stainless steel and other hard to machine alloys.